Domino Posts: 186 Registration: 2017-01-02
Early Access 5 is available on Steam!

As you probably know, we worked a lot on the player's progression mechanisms: the player has to craft much more and use resources. What do you think about this upgrade?

We also integrated 2 new dungeons on Istara, each of them based on our electricity system. What did you think about those ?

Feel free to share your feedbacks on this version here!
#1 2017-09-13
Scurra Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-06-15
I hadn't looked at this for a while (I confess that I was seduced by Lego Worlds!), but I fired it up again only a couple of weeks ago to see where you had got to, and whether there was more to see. There was, but I got stuck in one dungeon (after opening the Gate) and thought I'd just try a restart to see if it was a larger issue, and also to dig into the creative mode.

And then this update came. And wow, things felt different.

I haven't gone too far yet, but it feels a lot more challenging, especially the weapon restriction and the introduction of enemies into the caves, which makes early exploration much more tense, especially with the seeming reduction in resources, meaning one has to search more diligently for critical materials.

I liked the revised opening (although Xander's letter now makes no sense, given that the location and timing of it are different!) and the longer flow of the "tutorial" process leading up to getting the first gun (and the increased hassle of getting ammunition.)
I have been having some interface issues (pressing a key to close a window on a container wasn't working, although a mouseclick worked fine) but not enough to annoy me.
There are still far too many simple typos (e.g. "Craftin Stations" and "Cristals" on the Codex) and weird word choices (why is the category in there called "Fight" instead of "Combat"?!) And there are oddities in the dialogue too, although they are less of an issue because they are mainly once-only conversations.

Oh, and the change that means that crates are no longer containers is incredibly annoying. I mean that in a good way; it used to be far too easy to store endless quantities of stuff, and without blueprints one starts to prize even tiny barrels...

edit: oh, and the change from having a helmet light to having to use glowblocks? Inspired. At least in the caves. I haven't done any of the dungeons yet, so I may change my mind. But it works well (and become more reminiscent of torches in Minecraft in that they are used as waymarkers as well as merely illumination.)
#2 2017-09-14
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MatheusRSousa Posts: 10 Registration: 2016-06-30
This update surprised me. Last week I was on the forum saying how much lack of appreciation of resources and caves were boring. And in an update you have corrected it all. My sincere congratulations.

I loved the way you made it difficult to achieve the weapons and the valorization they gave to crafting. And that well? Much better than the old one.

The way they introduced the Hook Blade to the players ... wow that was FANTASTIC.

My considerations.

I thought the transition of planet very fast, I think that player should stay an extra time in the initial planet. I think it would be very nice also that to go to the next planet, the player needed to go in spaceship, would be an excellent and intuitive way to introduce the player in this construction of ships. I do not see you trying to appreciate all that part about the ships. We do not even have the need to build our first ship, it is given to us in 10 minutes of play without any difficulty. It would be super cool to see custom ships or even naval battles, but that does not happen.

Although crafting and exploration now does have some sense and value in the game, there is still no excitement in doing so, you do it for granted, and that's all. The only times I entered a cave was to get materials to create ammunition, and because some missions told me to collect something. Just so, although the experience inside the cave is much better, it is still not something that makes you want to explore it.

I really enjoyed seeing that they tried to introduce the player to the "electric" part of the game. But I found it unintuitive and not exciting. I do not think what was presented, in the way it was presented, would make the players feel like they would learn more about. I think if the player needed to build a system to pass a certain part, if in some dungeon you showed how the system was done it would make the player want to know more about studying that system to learn how it was done. The lifts for example, I was crazy to learn how they were made but I could not because they are blocked with unbreakable blocks.

As I said before, I thought it was fantastic how the Hook Blade was presented. And I think this could be used in more parts of the game. Like the first boss, it would be really cool if you got him the grenade recipe, because it's one of his attacks. But I believe that if there were the following change and addition, it would make this experience simply unforgettable. I think if the recipe dropped from the boss, it would be a lot more interesting than picking it up in the next room, it would be sharper that you got it for killing the boss, it would bring a greater sense of achievement. Speaking of a sense of achievement, I think if, like the robots, there are statues to be placed wherever you want, the bosses would also drop them, so you could decorate your house with them, as if they were trophies. That would be super cool.

Well, those were my considerations and suggestions, I hope I did not get too big.

If the English did not look good, excuse me, I used google translator. Unfortunately I only know how to speak Portuguese for now.
#3 2017-09-15
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Wulf Posts: 6 Registration: 2014-06-02
The main thing that I've noticed that tends to make gameplay challenging is the performance of vehicles such as the hoverbike while other players are connected.

The game does seem to lag a good bit when on a hoverbike, but that could be contributed to the network connection or amount of entities around at the time that would degrade the overall performance. It can be challenging to use a hoverbike at times because of this, especially when there are massive amounts of trees around.
#4 2017-09-19
entz Posts: 2 Registration: 2017-05-11
The workbesches are bjutifull

the first step to the "surveivel" game modus it donn with the stik,workbesches and the invetori crafting

The story is good but why xander going away short bevor his littel broder has his imbortens day ??
#5 2017-09-19
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