Stellar Overload - Unbelieveable potential !

VeYsooo Posts: 4 Registration: 2017-07-29
Hey guys ! ( especially the dear developers )

Stellar Overload could be the game, i always was searching for ! I always wanted a space game, where you can visit other planets, mine EVERYTHING like in Minecraft and build something up. Stellar Overload comes very close to my dream game ! I want to share some ideas and some criticism. I hope i can help the developers and they will make theese changes !

So the first moment playing the game is awesome ! The devs made a good job building the village. The NPC´s look very adorable and the music is almost perfect. The game atmosphere is made perfect. I still know how the game was looking at the beginning ( 2014/2015? ).... Now you see butterflys, particles, animals, fancy moving blocks... JUST WOW !.

After picking up the mining-gloves, the game beginns to be very fun ! I ripped off some of the cool lookin blocks in the village and continued the story.

In the near of the rebel station, i found an awesome howerbike ! Wow flying around with that is cool !

Later the missions allowed me to build my own howerbike.... at this moment, i was feeling like a little child again ! I spent hours to build myself a cool looking howerbike ( i only used rare blocks, lol ). I finished the bike but i couldn´t stop building. I build myself a fancy house. I couldn´t believe how much detail i could put into. It was my first house but it looked more beatiful than any house i built in minecraft. I even built a garage for the howerbike, very cool :) At the balcony, i was looking in the sky and i felt this awesome feeling " I can fly up there and explore ! "

Istara(?) is also a very beatiful planet ! So much beatiful trees, new mobs, new blocks..... It was just a perfect moment to discover this new planet !

In the end, i finally built my spaceship ! I spent 4 hours before i started to fly into the orbit. It was very hard to build the ship... it was floating around, turning around in the sky and even kicked me once into space and i had no other choice but to kill myself.

I finally build my ship and discovered some planets !

Now that was my feelings during the ( short :c ) story

Now there we go, the criticism.

Caves / Mining

the gems looked beatiful in the caves. But the caves in this game are boring and
not challenging. They almost look the same around the whole planet. There are no mobs and you can find everything you want in not more than 5 minutes. In Minecraft it was awesome to have dangers like zombies, lava and high places to fell off. And also in minecraft you need to REALLY search a lot for emeralds or diamonds. I love exploring, i want to search HOURS for the most rare minerals and gems in a game. I want this " YES I FOUND IT!! " feeling. Stellar Overload made the caves too easy and the minerals too common.. Every player need the challenge and the euphoria of searching the most beatiful and rare gems ! In stellar overload you are surrounded by gems and "rare" minerals.

Exploring caves in stellar overload? Very unspectacular :(

So my ideas for the caves are simple. Please make some very rare minerals ! They should shine, they should look beatiful and be very useful BUT they should be VERY VERY RARE ! Everyone loves to be rewarded for a long search ! There also should be mobs like spiders or other challenges ! Maybe you can add a " hell " in every center of a big planet. There could be fire type mobs, muuuuch magma and rare items and blocks. Theese 2 changes would make mining great again !

Crafting :

The crafting is kinda too simple in this game. There are not much possibilitys. I also rather a furnace like in minecraft than just craft the ores to blocks. I like the crafting machines, but not even the story cares much about crafting. Please make crafting more important in this game.

I would love if you could craft Auto-Turrets ! That would be very important for pvp/multiplayer in this game. Imagine some alien-Players are invading your planet, but you built a big stronghold with auto turrets helping you ! That would be AMAZING ! You could caputre a whole planet, built defense everywhere and fly to the next planet ! Maybe crafting robots wich fight for you would be also very awesome ! You could put them around the strongholt, in the rooms where all the loot is etc. This would be a awesome change ! I can imagine building, farming and crafting would be much more fun ! Me and my friends would play this like crazy.. Raiding each other, capture planets, build secret strongholds with turrets, robots etc. PLEASE DEVS THIS GAME NEEDS THIS !!

Spaceship :

It would be awesome if you could build a much bigger spaceship. The requirements for that could be more engines, more energy etc. Now imagine you could built auto turrets on your spaceship. You could be like darth vader with a huge death star. It would also be awesome if you could use the bigger spaceship as a hangar for smaller ships for discovers. Also few missleturrets or Auto-Missleturrets would be cool ! Imagine a space battle between 2 giant ships with auto turrets. It would be important to have a strong spaceship and the players could be even more creative with the design. It would also be very usefull to be able to build a respawn-point on the ship... so if you dont have a home-planet, you could live in your spaceship.


The planets are tooooo small !!!! I miss the orbit feeling here. There need to be endless random spawning planets and they need to be MUUUUCH more bigger. Like 10-50x. Also the planets are too close to each other. I want the " far away from home " feeling if i fly to another planet, but is is not possible in stellar overload how it is now. You can easly pass the whole universe in a few seconds with a small and fast spaceship. There is no orbit feeling :( Also the small planets are completely unnecessary. There is noting to discover, not even caves. PLEASE devs... make the planets MUCH bigger and put them faaaaar away from each other. It is okay if there are some moons wich arent that far away and are small. It would be much cooler if you would need like 10 minutes to fly to a another planet. You would really feel far away from home. And imagine you are next to a gigantic planet with your spaceship... every player would love it and couldnt know where to beginn with. But now you see a 100x100 planet and you dont even want to land on it, because there is NOTHING. You could build a small house on it but thats all. Nobody want to explore a small planet.

Its a good idea with the "center of the galaxy" , but it is just too close. You could make theese planets there very dangerous and faaaaar faaaaaaaar away from the home planet. There could be the most rare minerals, the most dangerous mobs etc. The first time i was flying with my ship was very dissapointing. I hope you gonna change it so we can have fun exploring the orbit and it would really feel like space.

Multiplayer > Storymode

This game is too focused on the story :( It is a block based sandbox game. It should be more important to build, to discover, to mine etc. The most thing you do is to kill a few robots. I finished the mission and now the planets became very boring. There are no robots anymore, no new stuff and no challenges. The planets are so peacefully, you dont even need walls in your house. It would be aweseome if there are alien invasions some time. UFOs flying aroung the sky, spawning robots and other creatures. UFO and Spaceship crashside spawnings around the planet etc. There need to be action ! Thats what also the auto-turrets would be good for !

There could be a multiplayer survival mode where you start with nothing. You can make a level-system. With every level up you can craft high-level gloves, weapons and get more health. There could be dangerous planets with very high level mobs, but theese planets could be the only option to mine very rare minerals. EXP could be gained by mining, crafting and killing robots and mobs. Players can choice between teamwork or pvp. They can help each other or take over planets with auto turrets, own robots etc. A Gamemode like that would be much more important in a block based game. Please focus to a gamemode like that. Every player would focus to become high level, get a very strong ship, take over planets or free them from other players, prepare a base for Robot/Alien invades and explore other planets to mine rare minerals. To make raiding other players not easy, there could be a object wich you can hide in your base. This object dosn´t allow other players to mine in a specific radius. If the other players want to take over the base, they can´t easily mine through the base, but they can craft explosives and blow up the walls.. A game like this would give the players endless fun !

It took much time to write this, im sorry for my bad english but i gave my best. I wrote this because this game has the potential to be my most favourite game of all time ! Please i beg you devs, make theese changes ! You wont regret it, im sure the community would love a game like this ! I know it takes time to develop a game like this, but please dont just focus on the story and on few robot fights. We want to build, we want to expand, we want to discover !


#1 2017-07-29
NeoM Posts: 1191 Registration: 2014-04-04
Thank you for this long feedback, we really apreciate it !

I need a little more time to read everything and answer to you ;)
#2 2017-08-03
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
We can select Yes and No at the same time for your tickboxes. You surely missed the configuration.
I also believe in the potential of Stellar Overload. I stopped playing Minecraft when I encounter this game.

They surely cannot implement all what you asked for the first opus.
You and all of us said it miss weapons in spaceship, war, factions, big planets, big spaceship, more gameplay in the mining, etc but the first opus is actually a "unfinished" opus 2 to release an entire game and earn the money to continue and make the opus 2.

About planet size, planet was bigger in EA3. Enough bigger. But now I find them too small too and repetitive.

According to a dev message a long time ago, the current galaxy is limited in size. So they cannot put as many big planets as they want. To fix that, they need to redo a part of the Unreal Engine and this is a feature key for the opus2, not 1.

For the multiplayer, they will release the dedicated server exe. So there will be public multipalyer servers. I find it is important because it makes the players to find a team, build a project and be faithful to the game. The customization of the persona could increase the interest for public multiplayer.

I am also agree with you for the mining system and craft system but I feel there is something more important to develop . A group of the community say it needs a survival system much more developed than a hunger system and health.

In conclusion, it needs entertainment for those who don't like building more than 5 minutes and then something to make them faithful.

@VeySooo, According to you, what the game miss the most ?
#3 2017-08-03
VeYsooo Posts: 4 Registration: 2017-07-29
@NeoM no problem :) i need to THANK YOU for this awesome game !

oh yes sorry, im kinda new with the forum stuff.

Yes exactly, this game is much more fun than minecraft. I saw this project in the kickstarter phase and my first thought was " this game gonna beat Minecraft ". And the devs making a good job here ! I know they can´t do everything that i want, i just wanted to share some ideas and hope, that some of them get changed :)

hm your last question is a good one.... I couldn´t answer that assuredly. But survival sounds good. As i told, the alien invasions would be a cool one, but with the combination of auto turrets. That would give me long time fun. For example, it would be cool if the robots can multiply themselfes if you dont kill them. Building defense systems around the planet sounds like fun. Mining, building and crafting would be much more worth it..... That also would give you a passive quest : Keep the robots small and don´t let them take over the planet.
#4 2017-08-07
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
Published By VeYsooo2017-08-07 02:05:59it would be cool if the robots can multiply themselfes if you dont kill them. You talk about the initial purpose of arkuloids ?
#5 2017-08-07
MatheusRSousa Posts: 10 Registration: 2016-06-30
Published By VeYsooo2017-07-29 16:48:43Yes
#6 2017-09-10
MatheusRSousa Posts: 10 Registration: 2016-06-30
Sinto por não saber escrever em Inglês.
Mas irei traduzir depois

Eu concordo com tudo que foi dito. E tambem sei que muito disso é porque o jogo ainda esta no beta. Mas acho tambem que deveriam parar de focar um pouco no modo historia e priorizar o Multiplayer. Historia é super legal, mas historia acaba. Modo multiplayer não. Se investissem primeiro no multiplayer, mais jogadores jogariam, e se manteriam mais tempo jogando. O que traria maior popularidade e jogadores pro jogo
#7 2017-09-10
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
@MatheusRSousa I agree with you. It needs something to keep playing those who don't want to build a lot of time.
But some of us think that it miss something to add in the survival part of the game. Because its very easy to survive and there is poor dangers, even in solo and in hard mode.

Finally its difficult to find what it miss the most. But I am sure that nothing essential is missing in all the build and sandbox side.
#8 2017-09-10
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