Refinery Issue

Rexley Posts: 1 Registration: 2017-06-27
I am stuck on the refinery/stellar gate/Xander quest. I cannot find any switches to open the door besides the main door and the one in the room with the big skylight (that leads to the water room with another door that is locked.) I have been all over the refinery; I have been over other posts and it seems this building has changed numerous times so most of these things are outdated. The only Let'sPlay video I found that had the Refinery and not the Fortress had two explosive blocks that are either no longer there or no longer accessible--and by the lack of vines on the walls it too was an old video.

I have also had difficulty finding the way through the observatories. I would suggest adding quests for those to at least give you an idea of where you are supposed to go.

In the meantime, could someone please tell me how I am supposed to get anywhere in the Refinery? Very close to taking the whole damn thing apart here.
#1 2017-06-27
cyberjasse Registration: 2014-08-03
I agree there are some explosive that are not accessible now. But yesterday I finished the refinery so this is a way to complete it.

But I don't see which doors you are talking about. I remember to have difficult to find one switch because of the darkness.

The hangar door in the hall, the room where there is the entry hangar door, can be opened after completing the half of the refinery. This door is a kind of checkpoint.
And the hangar door on the rooftop with the motojet noise, you can open it after defeating the boss.
#2 2017-06-27
Domino Posts: 186 Registration: 2017-01-02
(Spoiler coming)
In the last room (of the 4 ones), there are 2 switches: one opens a secret inside the last room, and another opens the large hangar door. You may have opened the secret one. So go back in it and search for another switch, and for the secret you previously may have opened :)
#3 2017-06-27
BingoBob Posts: 1 Registration: 2016-03-01
Same, I can't find my way threw the refinery. This game can't make up it's mind weather or not to railroad you threw the story or to let you play in an open sandbox. Feels like the game isn't done yet. I'll uninstall for now and check back in a year.
#4 2017-07-10
GreyDragon1964 Posts: 1 Registration: 2017-08-24
I've only found the one button in the crack in the ceiling and no other buttons. does anyone have a walk-through or even a map of this floor layout available?
#5 2017-08-25
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