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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Dev Diary #5 - Music cubed

2017-09-12 General
In this last episode, cross the musical universe of Stellar Overload: discover the colors, the interaction with the planets and the close relationship with the player.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux

Dev diary #4 - Creation of a boss

2017-09-11 General
From the brainstorming to the boss being in-game, follow the path through the various development trades necessary to create a boss.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux

Dev Diary #3 - From blocks to enigmas

2017-09-09 General
The team introduces all the tools you can use in Stellar Overload: see all the possibilities of creation of enigmas and dungeons from complex or simple blocks.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux

Crafting stations

2017-09-08 General, Artistic
A while ago, we showed you the art concepts of the new crafting stations.

Here they are in-game!


Dev diary #2 - Birth of a planet

2017-09-07 General
After exploring the Stellar Overload Genesis, you'll discover the creation process of a planet: from the flat cube to the planet's geology, fauna and flora.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux.

Big winners!

2017-09-06 General
We are happy to announce the big winners of the escape room construction contest.

Here they are : Nico, CJ & PMS and Eyefighter.


And finally the developers' choice also goes to Nico: he wins the first choice and the developers' prize, his construction will be integrated in-game!

Congratulations everyone!!

Dev diary #1 - Story of a project

2017-09-05 General
Those last few months, we worked hard to show you what is going on behind the scene. We created 5 episodes of a Dev Diary series. The whole team will deliver you some Stellar Overload trade secrets.

In this first episode, discover the first steps of the project: the Stellar Overload adventure and its community.

Directed by Valentin Ducloux
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