Release Notes:

Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 5, Fix 1)

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  • This version is mainly a fix version for major and minor bugs.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • The material used as ammo in the Block-Thrower is lost when reloading the game.
  • Using the gauntlet in connected mode causes FPS drops when moving. (This fix causes a change in the rules to propagate to the 26 neighbor blocks: the block's shape isn’t considered anymore).
  • Braids tree leaves can appear in the air above caves’ entrances.
  • When digging too quickly on a client, it often makes the “indestructible” noise.
  • Some items still have levels in their name (ex: Reconstruction Tank lvl 99).
  • The option "always show health bars" is misnamed.
  • The interaction tooltip "F - Close" is displayed for no reasons if Escape is pressed twice in a row after getting our backpack back.
  • The tutorial and the help still mention block levels.
  • Motorail brakes don't stop it when set to 255.
  • Metablocks are missing in the Nest (reconstruction tank + crafting stations).
  • The Clay’s location isn't displayed in the codex.
  • The silician’s name is Screenface.
  • Hoverbike icons on the map disappear when passing nearby.
  • The Block-Thrower’s ammo is unlimited.
  • There are too many Arkuloids in the caves, making the game lags.
  • Some texts are not written: UI_USER_SETTINGS_QUESTLOG_SHORT_DESC, #observatory_Istara#, #questruin#.
  • The lasers in secondary observatories don’t work (breakable, unpowered).
  • Xander’s note still mentions the blue tree.
  • Memory blocks’ input and output values are visually switched.
  • The spaceship recipe metablock is floating in the air one half of a block. Use the /FixReservedBlocks command to get rid of invisible blocks in your creative universes.
  • A workshop item can replace another.
  • With the swapper or the gauntlet equipped in flood fill mode, the displayed size is 64x64x64 instead of the real size.
  • The same localization text is used for ores found in different locations.
  • Wrong message displayed when switching the grid alignment.
  • Starting the dedicated server from the Steam client corrupts the steam_appid.txt file, writing the wrong appid inside.
  • The swapper in Phileas' secondary quest (given by orco) isn’t interactable.
  • Mistake in the quest log after talking to Nather.
  • The map isn’t readable on Istara because there are incoherent white spots.
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