Release Notes:

Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 4, Fix 1)

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  • Fixed a bug where the game was all black in low and medium quality when a ghost was displayed or when a NPC was targeted.
  • Fixed a bug under Linux where the mouse was invisible and/or was stuck in the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed a crash on deletion of a cable.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures ghosts were not visible.
  • Fixed a bug where we could kill NPC.
  • Addition of the missing doors in the creative modes.
  • Addition of a /FixReservedBlocks command to deleted undeletable reserved blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where a client crash happened when joining a server containing an electrical circuit.
  • Saves from the EA3 story mode are not supported anymore because of compatibility issues.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the saving of a motorail for the client.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when changing FOV.
  • Deletion of children in the creative mode.
  • Fixed: the plan metablock for a ship that was sometimes missed from the "To infinity and beyond" quest.
  • The needed ingredients to create craft stations changed, because the level 2 glass doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the open/closed state of the door was incoherent with the one we wanted if we plugged the electrical power source last.
  • Fixed a bug where some blueprints prevented the game from saving.


  • Addition of an alias /tm for /togglemomentum
  • The fullscreen mode is back.
  • Implementation of a precise error message when we try to record a blueprint bigger than the player’s viewing distance.
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