Release Notes:

Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 4)

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  • New playground: The Ævian System.
  • Improvement of the electricity.


  • Some metablocks and blocks now have an indestructible version to allow the creation of unbreakable dungeons in creative mode.
  • Some metablocks come in different colors (doors and buttons) to make it easier to associate them by pair.
  • You can now use ALT-F to change the color or the type of cables in creative mode.
  • Added a wooden door
  • Added new construction materials more colorful to replace the old ones.
  • Added new metal plates families with colored letters.
  • Changed the way to place cables: they are now akin to walls.


  • Added new basic electrical metablocks: Arithmetics (+,-,*,/) and comparisons (<,=,min,max).
  • Added a potentiometer allowing to set the value of an electrical signal.
  • Added an infrared detector allowing to measure the block distance to a target.
  • Added 3 types of display blocks: LED, numerical display, character display.
  • Added 2 transmitter-receiver metablocks allowing to transfer a logical signal across a distance.
  • Added a small switch.
  • Added push buttons producing impulses.
  • Added an oscillator allowing to configure a logical signal in a square wave (varying through time) to animate your creations.
  • Added an electrical light of which you can change the color depending on the logical value of the signal.
  • Electrification of the high-end doors. You will need to power them up and plug in an interrupter to activate them.
  • Added a memory metablock allowing to store a logical value.


  • Added a new terrain containing a lone, flat miniplanet.
  • Added 217 miniplanets.
  • Added 3 types of custom miniplanets. Can you find them?
  • Prototype of a new kind of cloup on Istara.
  • We can now see the redcurrants on the bushes.
  • Added new decorative metablocks.
  • Grottos are now more visible on the surface of Merx.


  • Fixed issues of motorail friction.
  • Added a brake on the motorail.
  • The motorail metablock is now bigger.


  • Added pathfinding for humanoid creatures.


  • Added a dog and a cat.


  • When targeting an item in the world, or when an item is in hands, if the tooltip on the lower right says so, you can directly open the corresponding codex page by pressing Tab.
  • Removal of the “Work in progress” panel when arriving on planets.


  • Improvement of the high-resolution blocks loading speed when entering a non loaded area.
  • Tweaked the high-resolution calculation to improve FPS on low-end machines.
  • Reduced the number of planes used in flora.
  • Removed dynamic shadows on dynamic lights of motoblocks because, even on high-end machines, the performances drop.


  • Fixed a bug where cables weren’t visible on the client blueprint’s ghost.
  • Fixed an issue blocking the client when joining a creative game (selection not working, huge lag,...)
  • Fixed a crash when pressing right click with the recorder on some circuits.
  • Fixed a crash when using the gauntlet in connex metablocks mode on the rail of the refinery lift.
  • Fixed a crash when connecting two AND gates.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the terrain when diving very fast on a planet.
  • Fixed cases where vehicles disappeared.
  • Fixed cases where motorails could derail.
  • Fixed a bug where cables are not selected in a blueprint with the right-click of a recorder.
  • Fixed wrong information about logic and power on tooltip on the server side.
  • Fixed a bug where you could hover forever with the hookblade if you were stucked against an obstacle far from the hooked point.
  • Fixed a bug where you could continue to strike with a sword after dying.
  • Fixed a bug where too many ingredients were consumed during a craft.
  • The hookblade now follows a vehicle it’s hooked on!
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse sensibility reinitialized itself when stepping down from a vehicle.
  • Fixed the “Inventory full” message that was cut in the crafting window.
  • Fixed the display of deconnexion alerts so they can be seen when going back to the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where the server list didn’t refresh after being disconnected from the server.
  • Fixed the mixup of objectives in “To Infinity and Beyond!”.
  • Text fixes.
  • Fixed a crash on the client where you would double click very fast on the validation button in the character creation window.
  • Fixed a bug where infinite power sources didn’t stack in the inventory.
  • Fixed items that weren’t in the correct category.
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