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Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 3)

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Significant changes :

  • New Feature: Electric systems. See the in-game codex for more information.
  • New Feature: Rails and motorails which make it possible to do plenty of things such as elevators.
  • Creation of Novo Ares biomes with a lot of new decorative elements (giant skeletons, cacti, creatures, etc.).
  • Possibility to publish saved universes on the Steam workshop.
  • You can now tailor the difficulty based on presets, or do it from scratch, to suit your needs.
  • New Feature: Hunger management. You’ll have to eat in order to survive in the Normal and Hard difficulties. Food still gives back some health if hunger management is deactivated.
  • Addition of the very first melee weapon: the hook blade; which also make it possible to swing everywhere.
  • Addition of the block physics when they are totally isolated. For now, the feature is still experimental and you’ll have to activate it in the game options.


  • Addition of two alternate modes on the glove, that you can select with X or Alt+Mouse Wheel Button by default:
    • The first mode is the same as before, which digs everything in the targeted volume.
    • The second mode gives the ability to dig all the connecting blocks of the same type. This is the equivalent of the no ammo Swapper in creative mode. You can also break meta-blocks with that feature.
    • The third mode allows you to break only blocks and foliage, only cables or only metablocks.
  • You can destroy plants of the same type that are next to each other with the gauntlet (or with the swapper without munitions in creative mode).
  • New elements: metallic plate (including railings), big depot doors, etc.
  • New construction materials used in all the constructions in the story mode.
  • In creative mode, the map revealer now shows the face of the planet on which it is situated.
  • The message when you cannot break blocks is clearer.
  • Addition of items in the creative mode.
  • You can now fill in containers in customized universes, they are now saved.
  • Publishing of old metablocks in the Cognitron mine in the creative mode.
  • You can now put blocks directly under water.
  • We can now rotate a creature using “R” to choose its orientation when putting it.
  • You can define the start position in a customized universe typing the following command: “/SetSpawn”. This feature already existed in the EA2 but have been forgotten in the previous release note.


  • Replacement of the old fortress by a new dungeon: the Syntonized Stellarium Lab.
  • Better management of secret walls in dungeons: can you find them all?
  • The vehicles icons are not visible anymore after destroying the 3 vehicle metablocks. Moreover, spaceships have their own icons.


  • The gun sights now automatically lowers when shooting one ammunition at a time.
  • Overhaul of the tesla pylon: it is now clearly charging before electrocuting its target.
  • 50% increase of the moving speed while crouching.
  • Backpacks after death don’t discharge items on the floor anymore when you click on it, but they will disappear when emptied.
  • From now on, the drag and drop while empty handed only removes 4 blocks. Doing so with a gauntlet will remove a square number of blocks matching as close as possible its digging volume. For example, the level 1 gauntlet, which has a digging volume of 2x2x2=8 blocks, removes a surface of 3x3=9 blocks.
  • Arkuloïds now wake up more regularly and they are more aggressive.
  • Accreditation chip are now deleted.


  • New robot: Hot Head, the most dangerous one.
  • Rework of the visuals of the Arkuloïds, as well as their behavior.
  • The level 2 Arkuloid explodes and is called Exploid.
  • The level 4 Arkuloid is a flying homing drone and is called Dronoid.
  • The level 5 Arkuloid teleports randomly, and explodes next to the player and is called Glitchoid.
  • New Creature: The Agavausor, native of Novo Ares. Beware the cacti, he’s disguised as one.
  • New Cutest Creature ever: The Lumiblob, native of Novo Ares.
  • New Feature: You can now EXTERMINATE invincible NPCs in creative mode.
  • You can now collect meat on more creatures.


  • Better rendering of foliage and flat elements (such as letters and metal panes) with reflection, specular, normal maps and emissive.
  • The detailed textures of blocks have been heavily reworked.
  • New atmospheric glow around planets far away.
  • New command to change the view distance: /viewdistance. /viewdistance returns the current distance, and “/viewdistance 80” sets it to 80 meters. You can set a distance up to 160 meters, but the resources needs are huge (aim at a machine with at least 32Go of RAM).


  • New feature: electric items, electric cables, and logical cables such as switches, generators, NOT and AND gates, doors and electrified lasers.
  • You can have informations on an electric system hovering over its cables, electric items and connectors.
  • The “/sanitize” command makes it possible to force data regeneration linked to the circuits. Circuits have to be visually charged at least once so they can function again.


  • Added a confirmation box before overwriting a plan.
  • Added filters for the items family in the inventory.
  • Added the option to opt out of tutorials. A notification will incite you to open the codex instead.
  • Rework of the tutorial window to be more visible, interactive and intuitive.
  • Rework of the information tooltip when targeting an element of the world.
  • You can now rename an existing universe.
  • There is now an automated snapshot taken for each save.
  • Added a button panel to navigate between the different menus (inventory, codex, map,...).
  • Added a contextual help in creative mode depending on the equipped items. You can turn it off in the options.
  • Removal of the Auto-Run key. It is now an option to activate in the options.
  • Merging of the actions assigned to shortcuts X and alt-mouse wheel button. You can now do them with both.
  • Removal of the possibility to show/hide the POI (O).
  • The shortcuts in the codex are now the ones configured by the player.


  • New musics and atmosphere for Novo Ares.
  • New sounds when you walk in the sand.
  • New musics on Istara’s swamps.
  • We don’t say it enough but: added sounds to every new elements added to this version.


  • Saved games are now in a single file (except for the blueprints) and is much more resistant to corruption if a crash occurs.
  • Removal of freezes during auto-save.
  • The saving process is now invisible for the user. Your universe is now automatically saved as you play.
  • Improvement of the spreading of explosions.
  • EA2 saves should be mostly compatible, but if you have any issues, please make a new universe.
  • Reduced unwanted network traffic induced when too many pickable objects were laying on the ground.


  • Fixed crash when joining a server.
  • Fixed problems when pushing alt+tab in the in-game menu.
  • Fixed crash when right clicking with the Recorder.
  • Fixed a bug where you didn’t lose your inventory in custom mode when dying.
  • Fixed vehicle ghosts not being colored in red while overlapping blocks on the planet.
  • Fixed a potential crash when putting a vehicle.
  • If a shortcut is missing in the shortcut files, the default value is recreated.
  • Fixed a bug where “escap” didn’t work after a right-click on the toolbar.
  • F3 shortcut is back in the options to show technical informations ( coordinates, fps, lags, etc…)
  • Fixed a bug where Cognitrons without armor one-shot the player.
  • Fixed a bug where robots didn’t react when we attacked one of their allies.
  • Fixed a bug where lasers didn’t break blocks next to a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where backpacks did not disappear anymore after death.
  • Fixed a bug where interactive metablocks in quests didn’t disappear when we interacted with them.
  • Fixed a crash on the client related to the presence of vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue forbidding the player to delete an universe after playing it.
  • Fixed the stuttering while slowing down as a client when ToggleMomentum is activated.
  • Fixed a random crash while opening a chest as a client.
  • Fixed a bug where the shrub clusters were entering the water in Merx’s ponds (and similar bugs).
  • Removal of the contextual texts when in a cockpit (e.g.: “F - Open” when targeting a door, despite the fact that pressing that key would make you exit the vehicle).
  • Fixed a bug where the high-resolution cubes were not loading when you had a huge view distance and were watching a planet from outer space.
  • Fixed a bug where the multiplayer settings of a game were lost when you hit back on the character personalisation window.
  • The map and the mini-map of a dungeon are now only displayed when you are in that dungeon, ad not on its surroundings.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to traverse locked doors while aboard a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where the shortcut alt+c was supposed to “redo” but opened the character sheet instead.
  • Fixed a bug where the electrical blocks on a vehicle weren’t doing any damage.
  • Fixed a bug where the robots were using the “shoot prediction” behind them when the player was advancing towards them. Same for the Brakhs who charged in the wrong way.
  • Fixed a bug where the vehicles icons stayed on the map after destroying said vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where the “take all” option wasn’t appearing.
  • Fixed a bug where the clients of a multiplayers game weren’t able to send their blueprints on Steam’s workshop
  • Fixed a bug where you could jump on a loop on a floor made of electric blocks or of lava to take less damage.
  • Fixed a bug when short grass grew on Arkuloïds nests and wedged them.
  • The inventory is now growing bigger when we take a blueprint from the Steam Workshop.
  • Fixed a bug when synthonized villages appeared under water.
  • There is now sound effects while walking on vehicles and metablocks.
  • Removed the “under construction” board in the customized game mode.

Known Bugs:

  • If you launch the EA2 version, the shortcuts for changing the bloc shape (alt-mous wheel button) and ammunition (X) don’t work. You will need to reset your settings with the scrip ResetConfig.bat or .sh.
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