Release Notes:

Stellar Overload - v (Steam Early Access 1 fix 1)

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User interface:

  • Added a research field in the inventories and containers.
  • Publication of travelling tools in creative mode. See the following commands: /addTravellingWP, /addTravellingTimedWP, /startTravelling, /resetTravelling, /saveTravelling et /loadTravelling.
  • You can now directly use healing items in the action bar using the (0-9) shortcut.
  • Added a “cross” button in all the big windows to allow the user to close them using the mouse.
  • Add an icon on the map to locate the vehicles.
  • The minimap now displays the absolute coordinates of the player.
  • Quests POI are now a bit darker.
  • Clicking on a slot of the action bar selects it.
  • Added and changed sounds in the UI.

Bug fix:

  • Fixed the big freezes (a few second long) on some computers caused by an incompatibility between Windows thread scheduler and the parallelization of the actors’ simulation in the Unreal Engine.
  • Fixed loading freezes when getting close to structures with enemies / metablocks which haven’t been loaded yet.
  • Fixed little FPS drops due to geometry creation. This might cause holes in the world’s geometry during a frame on slow computers.
  • Fixed minor notification that didn’t disappear.
  • Fixed the creation of universes when the OS user name contained an @ or an &.
  • Fixed the possibility to split stacks in an inventory (using shift + left mouse button drag & drop).
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck inside the boss room of the Fortress because the doors stayed locked.
  • Removed the travelling tools in story mode.
  • Fixed the possibility to change the select item in the action bar using the mouse wheel while the character sheet is open.
  • Fixed an issue that appeared while drag & dropping during a metablock placement.
  • Fixed an issue where players were stuck in each other when respawning at the same time on the same Cloning Tank.
  • Added the possibility to click on items of the main menu while the new game mode selection is open.
  • Removed the blinking of the selected slot item in the action bar while the inventory is closed.
  • Fixed an issue where the heart is not full even if full life.
  • Added an error message if the creation or loading of an universe fails.
  • Fixed missing levels on recipe item tooltips.
  • Fixed deformed arrow image under the ammo bar.
  • Fixed legionnaire unable to fire at characters who are too high.
  • Fixed stuck legionnaires when they are in a small hole.
  • Fixed combat music not starting for clients when fighting Arkuloïds.
  • Fixed deaf legionnaires in dungeons.
  • Fixed location on the map not refreshed when client dies.
  • Fixed display of air breathing gauge in creative mode.
  • Fixed invalid destructions of vegetal with grenades, had a square shape.
  • Fixed invalid selection when clicking inside the text of the chatbox.
  • Fixed incoherent damage stats in character sheet for the Block-Thrower.
  • Fixed missing sound when using a map revealer.
  • Fixed units still being in meters (in F3 and in distance to a player).
  • Fixed wrong killer displayed in the chatbox.
  • The wheel now skips empty recipes in the craft window.
  • Fixed scrollbar not scrolling to the start when changing tab in the craft window.
  • Fixed wrong category icons in the craft stations' tabs.
  • Shortcut displayed in hotbar for "1" is the only one to be "&". This fix will have no effect on new installation.
  • You can now craft Plywood.
  • Fixed a bug where players sticking too close to a switch could be stuck in it.
  • Added display of alternative keys (ZQSD or WASD) in the movement tutorial.
  • Vehicles can now be crafted on Merx, as the cockpit and the thruster are now level 1.
  • Fixed missing level 2 (or more) recipes on Istara.
  • Fixed focus loss when typing text in chatbox.
  • Arkuloïdes don't wake up fast enough.
  • Fixed a crash when breaking a vehicle cockpit when at the quest of capturing the stellar gate.
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