A new dev team member

2014-09-17 General
We are happy to introduce a new team member : “Mick” (Mickaël Parisot is his real name).
You can find a summary of his profile on the “Team” page of the website here.
Hiring a new developer was planned but not so quickly, but meeting Mickaël before summer, was a wonderful coincidence. Given his generalist profile with a predilection for networking, his video game development experience and his human contact, we didn’t need a long reflection time to decide to hire him!

For those of you who know it, he his the creator of WonderWorld, an independant 2D game project which has lot in common with Planets³.
He has now dropped this project in favor of Planets³.

He has started working with us at the beginning of September and he will be in charge of the implementation of Planets³ network layer. Also he actively participates to the game design and code architecture.

The team with Mick
Guyk / NeoM / Mick / Altalus
Reymantha / CodingMarmot

Since the release of the prototype, the dev team has started a long design and development phase, the goal being multiplayer addition and rendering optimization.

Meanwhile the artistic team started to iterate through the different biomes (animals and vegetation).
Kidcrafter Posts: 7 Registration: 2014-09-03
Glad that you're on the team Mick! I hope you will make a big change for Planets³!
#13 2014-09-21
KillerUnicorns Posts: 4 Registration: 2014-06-03
You guys should all grow out beards :P Love the prototype by the way! Keep up with the fantastic game. And I did want to ask if you guys could make the pets individually purchasable. That would be really cool! Lastly I wanted to ask about mod support. Is that going to be a thing or no? Awesome job, Thanks guys!
#12 2014-09-18
LRSuspect Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-09-01
Off topic but I like the hair cuts.
#11 2014-09-18
Reznovic Posts: 9 Registration: 2014-06-02
Hello and good luck Mick.
I hope you make this game even more awesome than it is now :D
And, I do hope you fit well in the team of "The Planets³".

We'll all Support you and this team,

#10 2014-09-17
Impbloody Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-04
Was messing with the prototype and the game looks awesome, keep up the great work guys =D
#9 2014-09-17
bonamb Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-08-20

plus in regards to this planetarily monumental photo
The person on the bottom left, I like his face

he has a nice face
and a monumental beard
beards are very cool
#8 2014-09-17
Modified by bonamb on 2014-09-17.
sondrex76 Posts: 30 Registration: 2014-06-07 Popularity: 27
YAY for more people on the Planets³ team!
Also hello Mick, I hope you have a nice day :)
#7 2014-09-17
Nebbers Posts: 3 Registration: 2014-06-23
Great to see the team growing and moving forward!
#6 2014-09-17
viguros Posts: 1 Registration: 2014-06-15
hi Mick
#5 2014-09-17
Vintson Posts: 2 Registration: 2014-06-02
Lets add Mick as a in game NPC quest giver muhahaha.
#4 2014-09-17
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