[Post It] Savegame migration from EA4 to EA5

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If you launched the game with the new patch and find out that all of your savegames had disappeared, don't worry! They haven't. Every version has its own saving space. It is possible to migrate them to the new version of the game, but keep in mind that:
  • Story saves won't be compatible. Every time we add content to the story, we modify the playground and existing quest, dungeons, etc. and migrating your progression in a so much movable world is nearly impossible.
  • Some items/materials/metablocks don't exist any more on the next version and will be replaced automatically by new ones.
  • Some gameplay behavior may change from one version to another, so you may have to update some of your creations.
  • The terrain in creative natural may slightly change, some rocks, flowers and tree may move and invade your creations, as we change the layout of resources some times. They should not replace the blocks you placed, so removing them using the Digging Gauntlet in mode "only blocks in volume" should help you clean up the mess.

Don't forget the game is still in huge development (Early Acces) and that's why we have such compatibility issues. We try to keep compatibility as much as we can, at a reasonable development cost. On the final version you should no more have so big compatibility issues of course!

For the migration of EA4 save to EA5, you can try this simple command:

xcopy /D /I /E /Y "%APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA4\Saved\Saves\Universes" "%APPDATA%\..\Local\StellarOverloadEA5\Saved\Saves\Universes"

You can run it in a windows command shell. Press start menu => type cmd, and then enter. In the text window that should have opened, copy paste the command line above.

If you have two universes with the same name, only EA4 files will be copied only if they are newer, so be careful anyway.

You can also create blueprints from your creation to transfer them from a version to another. If you have not done it already, you can launch the previous version of the game by setting the appropriate version in the beta tab of the game properties in Steam.
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