Stellargates - Rules


You are totally free for this contest, your creations just have to fit in the blueprint you'll share on the Steam Workshop.



  • Up to five images per construction
  • Each participant can submit multiple constructions.
  • Press F6 before taking your screenshot (in order to Hide your HUD ) then press F12 to take the screenshot on Steam. We won’t accept any screenshot with the HUD or any part of the user interface visible.
  • Do not edit the picture, we will only accept pictures directly created by the game (no name or logo incrustation for example)


In order to be able to participate and vote, you have:

  • To have “validated” your account on our website (in “my account”, click on “validate your email address” in the orange frame)
  • To have posted at least one message on the forum

We reserve the right to refuse any construction that we consider “outside the bounds of the contest” (you will receive an email if that happens)

You can only be on the podium once (you cannot be on the first three places with three different constructions)


Each participant will have to put his/her creation(s) on the Steam Workshop and link it for her/his participation to be validated.

Dates :

Constructions submission phase: from January 25th to February 15th, 2017 at 12pm (Paris time)
Voting phase: from February 15th to February 22th, 2017 still at 12pm (Paris time)
Results: on February 22nd, 2017 at 12pm (Paris time)


  • You cannot submit any construction once the voting phase has started.
  • You cannot post videos, only pictures.
  • The contest is not anymous anymore because we would like to let you use all the potential of the Steam Workshop.


make buidling easier in creative mode

  • F2 enables you to fly
  • “Undo-Redo” can be done using the “home” and “end” keys
  • The recorder enables you to “copy-paste”
  • The swapper enables you to change a large amount of material in one shot (only on connected blocks)
  • The swapper can also be used as an eraser if it is used without any ammo in the selected ammo slot (use X to change ammo)
  • The N key enables you to change the way walls of non-cubic blocks are filled
  • The V key enables you to toggle the alignment of the blueprints (grid snapping)
  • And many more useful shortcuts that you can find in the game’s options (in the construction and advanced construction parts)
  • It is really important that your picture is correctly centered, do not hesitate to take different screenshots before sending us the bests images.


How to save your creations in Steam workshop?

  1. Press P to open the blueprint window
  2. Drag and drop the blueprint in this window
  3. Press the Steam button and « Save and publish »
  4. Copy the Steam link from the Steam window
  5. Put the link in the participation form
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