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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Hardware's upgrade

2017-05-11 Development
Message From: “Unit 1MP3R@T0R-01” to “???”
Subject: Request for upgrade.

Context: Mission of pacification “M3rx-03”.

Information: Our sensors seem to be inefficient as showed by the amount of accidental collisions we are suffering.

Observation: The progression of our mission might be slowed down by these malfunctions.

Speculation: This planet’s atmosphere might be responsible.

Request: Upgrade or replace the Units presents on the designated planet to enhance efficiency.

Secondary Information: Extermination of species designated as “Squirrels” well underway. Threat soon to be terminated.
Message From: “???” to “Unit 1MP3R@T0R-01”
Subject: Re: Request for upgrade.

Unit 1MP3R@T0R-01.

Your request has been granted.

Know that we are well aware that several months have passed since you made your request, this sensor problem has been harder to resolve than anticipated.

We understand that this issue might have had an impact on your mission timeline, your quotas have been diminished in consequence.

Each of your units will be upgraded in the days to come.


Construction contest: Escape Room!

2017-05-10 General
With all the new features of the last update, we wanted to give you a new construction contest: escape room!

Between two doors, build at least one electrical riddle and be creative for your room to be the hardest possible to escape! You'll have to use the empty room we've made for you. You'll find this room in the rules document.

For this challenge, you can team up from 1 to 3 players.

You'll find the rules and some advices here: .

Note: If you test your universe and you’ve already resolved your enigmas, do not share this universe because otherwise it will be shared already finished. Only share à custom universe that have not been played at all.


Note again:
- The contest is directly linked to the Steam Workshop.
- You can only be on the podium once.

Chose the best images of your creations, you can put up to 5 images. The first uploaded will illustrate your participation.
Votes are limited up to 3 per person.

The winning team as well as the devs' favourite will win a prize: they'll be ingame!

See you on the 31st May for the voting phase, and on the 6th June for the results!

Edit: Following some applications, we actually saw a problem so here is a new advice: make sure that your blocks do not rub each other, let a least a one bloc gap between two vehicles.
Wonder B

Favorite of the week #6!

2017-05-09 General
When I joined the Stellar Overload project, one of the things I liked most was watching all these blocky animals frolicking in the wild.

So it's no coincidence that I chose this very beautiful reindeer created by Onidosor. I'd really like to see it running in the snowy forests of Istara.


Thank you Onidosor for this creation.

Click here to find this item!
Wonder B

After Beat EP2: Music on Merx

2017-05-05 Artistic
Hi everybody! Last time, we saw how I used a leitmotiv to characterize our character's journey, today I will tell you a little more about the music of Merx.

The leitmotiv of Merx:

Again? Yes, indeed, I used a leitmotiv also for the planets sometimes. But here it is even more simple and basic than for our character, it is not really a melody, but just 3 successive notes, making it much more malleable, adaptable to the various situations encountered on the planet.


This small figure can be heard for the first time in the village (at 0.15 precisely):

Then we will hear it everywhere on the planet, for example here at Li King Pei’s house, very quickly at the beginning of the theme, and then played by a Japanese flute (at 0.29):

Merx is the starting planet. With Reymantha, we call it la-la land. Everything is beautiful, calm, and very (nearly too much) naive. I obviously wanted people to feel it, almost humorously, with very soft, relaxing, and cute music at the same time. That’s why it’s mostly played by a flute, or a piccolo, the most aerial and light instruments, as here in the grasslands of Merx (at 0.34 precisely):

A small anecdote, this theme, by its lightness, its naiveté, and its aerial side supposed to represent the song of the birds, is a small reference to a studio Ghibli film that I like very much: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, more precisely the theme representing the joie de vivre of the main character at the beginning of the film (from the beginning of the music):

By creating this small 3-notes pattern, which will be modified in a large number of musics, I thus introduce a musical peculiarity to Merx, which, if it can’t be felt from the beginning (because there are no points of comparison in the adventure), will take its full meaning medium-term and long-term, without (at least I hope) becoming a too annoying melody.


This notion of leitmotiv is not only felt in this small figure but also in the instruments chosen to represent this planet. I choose a set of precise instruments for each planet, and even if I authorize myself a few exceptions, I try to remain faithful to this, for more coherence.

The basic instruments I chose for Merx are: flute, piccolo, folk guitar, harp, violins, soft synths. An example with a good part of these instruments in this excerpt (starting from 4.20):

Flutes, harps, or violins are often used in video games, the folk guitar is much less. It's a touch that I liked, because with percussion and synths, it allowed me to have a slightly "weird bossa nova" style. Here I am inspired by the soft guitar musics of Ian Snyder in The Floor is Jelly:

But the whole principle of what I try to do on the planets is in the hourly evolution of the music. The basic idea, as most often, comes from a problem related to gameplay: the planets are cubic, so one can almost instantaneously go from day to night. This is the basis of my reflection: how can we go from day to night, or from morning to dusk, without shocking the ear? Elements of response are in the video that follows:

What is heard in this video is that the orchestration and even the melodies evolve over time, becoming more and more electronic and abstract when the night comes, and conversely more and more organic and real by day. The process consists in the creation of several musics, of strictly equal lengths, and similar harmonies.

The hourly cycle of the game will then pass these musics from one state to another, in a fluid way, and it will function if the player stays on the same side of the planet or if he decides to change abruptly. In the next example, I will make the music pass from day to night and then to dusk, which is normally totally illogical, but entirely possible with the structure of our game:

It is almost the same principle that is applied to the environmental sounds, and that is more easily understood via the sound interface that we use in our game (Wwise):


Here we see that following the advance of the time of day, different atmospheres can blend into each other.

There you have the basic things I used to create the music of Merx. There are still a lot of things to talk about, especially in caves or underwater, but I cannot explain everything. In the next episode, we will concentrate on the small details, anecdotes, allusions or references, hidden here and there in the music of Stellar Overload.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, see you soon!

Favorite of the week #5!

2017-05-02 General
Good morrow fair wanderer!

I am sure that after a long day spent roaming the burning plateaus of Novo Ares and scaling the dizzying mountains of Istara, you long for the calm and comfort of a welcoming house on the paradisiac plains of Merx, and maybe treat yourself with a nice cup of joe and some Tex-Merx.

Well, search no further! Courtesy of the esteemed Cyberjasse, I have the immense honour to present you the abode that you’ve always longed for (even though you didn’t even know it existed):


This stylish one-bedroom residence is not only ideally situated, it comes with a myriad of accommodations!
Let’s take a quick spin, shall we?


On the ground floor, you will find a state-of-the-art kitchen, complete with adjoining living room, but also a cozy salon and a stunning bathroom.

Your new bedroom is on the top floor. But that’s not all the wonders of that marvelous floor! Oh no good Sir/Madam! There’s a sleek séjour too!

But wait until you’ve taken the gorgeous outdoors in!
Gaze at that sizable pool, with a magnificent view of Istara! And what about the garden, overlooking Novo Ares?

I think it’s safe to say that you want this lair to rest your tired feet don’tcha? I can see it in your glittering eyes.

Why, it can be yours today! For the frighteningly low, low, price of your soul, you will be become its proud new owner!

Do not hesitate! You can get the prints right here!
The full price will be cashed upon completion of the construction!


Would you like even more logic?

2017-04-27 Development

This message has nothing to do with differential equations. However, I offer a glimpse of the latest developments in the logic systems of your favorite game:


Favorite of the week #4!

2017-04-25 General
In these dark times of doubt and decadence, after helplessly witnessing eldritch abductions of catapults and finding himself stuck against the ground whilst dismounting his steed, the pious knight on his way back from an arduous fight against a merciless code might allow himself a break on this small medieval tavern.


He vaguely listens to the epic sagas about wars and godforsaken machines. He drinks to the health of heroes who save their villages, of bumbling prisoners and old mad scientists. He sometimes sees, far in the distance, the passing of young leprechauns, seeking glory and adventure. Of strong orc builders ready to change the very face of the world. Or maybe a cute pony chased by a gigantic smelly troll. He likes to stay here until dusk, a glass of hydromel in his hand, rocked by the soothing tones of the troubadour, giving rhythm to the —sometimes erratic— to and fro of the barkeeper amidst his tables…

Of course, it isn’t our game universe and yet… It all has a strange taste of déjà vu.

To visit PoulpinoT's tavern, it's here!
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