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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Istara (Watts' logbook - Entry 062)

2016-01-07 General

“Next stop: Istara. This forest planet is truly amazing. On one hand, sunny skies, lush emerald forests with [...]" Click for more...

Merx (Watts' logbook - Entry 045)

2016-01-04 General

“Our scientists are still trying to understand why the human collective bottom has been handed to us [...]" Click for more...

For the brave builders...

2015-12-29 General
For some weeks, night shadows have been crowling over Tellus, bringing danger and mysteries with them.
Well... mostly mysteries.

Nevertheless, a time will come, during your advantures, where you might want to build a shelter. Of course, 4 classical cobble walls and a roof would just do the job (well... No cobble. There is no cobble in this game!). However, you could also add a touch of creativity and use some of the folowing tools to build yourself a palace:


- A world made of blocks is not necessairely made of cubes. You can choose the shape of the block you're about to use by using "alt + wheel".


6 different shapes are available. Will you be able to use them all?!

- Choose the alternative: there are some metablocks (flowers, doors, ...) and some prefab elements (bushes, ...) with multiple versions. You can choose which version you want to use by using "alt + wheel". Create a world full of colored flowers, poneys and rainbows! *_*


Erf... I just wanted to show that you can create different kind of flowers.


- Rotate the blocks: Use 'R', 'T' and 'Y' to rotate a block in every directions. Obviously, it won't affect a cube. But in all other cases, you will see the rotation applied to the blue ghost of the block you're using.


This also works on metablocks, prefab elements like bushes and blueprints created by players.

- Keep trying...'Shift + R', 'Shift + T' and 'Shift + Y' allow you to rotate blocks in the other ways than 'R', 'T' and 'Y'. Because rotations are not that simple and because we always get them wrong, it's good to be able to go back to the previous state.

- Level up! For those of you who already mastered rotations, 'Alt + R', 'Alt + T' and 'Alt + Y' let you get the symetrical version of the selected block. More freedom, yay!

The picker:

- The mouse wheel button allows you to pick the shape and the material of a block in the world to use it in your shortcut bar.

- "Shift + mouse wheel button" this one is tricky. it replaces the shape of the selected material by the shape of the pointed block in the world. Yeah... Just try it to understand.^^

The secret weapon:

This is the ultimate tool for the builders. The one that will impress your friends and get you the girl you want (true story !)... The 'N' button ! The use of the 'N' button is quite mysterious and only a few grand masters know about its existance.

It allows you to get different results when you drag the mouse to build multiple blocks. Here is an exemple:


Obviously, I make fun of those tips because we want to work on this gameplay in the future, so that it will become more accessible and fun. But for now, I hope you found some useful tips!

Discovering the Sol System

2015-12-21 General
While the holiday season is approaching, we decided to celebrate this end of year in our own way. As you may already know from the mass media, our playground will expand considerably.

Tellus, our blue planet, will no longer be alone in space. A whole planetary system with 7 planets and 2 satellites will be the new foundation of the Sol System.

And that is why, beginning January the 4th, we will introduce every week two new planets in a brand new section of our website. A great journey awaits you indeed, as you will follow the adventures of Watts, genius and descendant of Faradays, through the Sol System.


And as a bonus, we are starting today with the first entry of his logbook:

“My name is Watts. Yeah, no first name. It sucks, I know. Great way to start a logbook also... Whatever, I am currently conducting interesting research on Tellus, our good old blue planet. And I have discovered some fascinating facts.” Click for more...

Saturday night fever at the Rokh Camp!

2015-12-16 Development
Recently Amy has asked us to give her the possibility to decorate the Rokh Camp’s secret basement with colored lights in order to celebrate the victory.

Here is a picture taken during the party:


Let’s shed some light!

2015-12-14 Development
As some of you may have noticed, the flash light is especially useful when exploring dark cave holes. But when the cave walls are made of a dark material, the flash light had a tendency to deteriorate the material’s rendering properties leading to graphical artifacts.

Another type of artifact was visible with the dynamic shadows activated: in some caves or closed rooms, like the Rokh Camp’s secret basement, you could see areas lit by the sun even if the sunlight shouldn’t have reached these areas.

To address these issues, we had to teach the Unreal Engine how to use our voxel lighting information in its lighting computations.


To roll in the grass

2015-12-10 Artistic
We need some grass!


Some have wished to see more developed flora on the surface of our beloved planet. I have spent a few days working on the design of some plants. Besides a richer visual aspect, these plants will be useful for crafting and even sometimes will allow you to hide.

Rapeseed, wheat, wild grasses, ferns, daisy, clover and lichen are scheduled...

That's all.

For the moment ;)
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