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Stellar Overload:
a futuristic adventure game set on cubical planets
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Event at Cannes

2016-02-22 General
A reminder about the game event at Cannes this week end.

We will be at stand 0301, named "CreaCannes" (the name of our incubator).

The dungeons editor's power!

2016-02-18 Development
After Blockbuster showed me the power of the ‘N’ key on the womankind, I finally decided to join the development team in order to be able to benefit, as well, from this unlimited source of power.
But even with Master Blockbuster’s teachings, I still had to find my own path, my own source of power.

And, after weeks of struggling…Eureka! I finally got hold of something strong enough to counter Mick’s Cookies power: THE DUNGEONS EDITOR!

In order to make you shiver behind your screens, here is a picture of my secret weapon:


Beware, I will shortly, in another news, demonstrate my full power!!!

The Cookie Wars

2016-02-16 Development
Statement by the propaganda chief of the Imperium Machina:
"Many human rebel agents failed in their attempt to sabotage the cookies manufacturing plant, which feeds the population of Merx. Fortunately, the brave legionaries of our glorious army reacted with courage and determination to restore the Pax Machina established by QuASAR, our benevolent and revered leader. However, following this small and inconsequential incident, we decided to close this old and dangerous factory in order to bring a better way to provide food to all the people of our Empire."

Statement by the leader of the rebels:
"This is Emerald Falcon speaking. Today, a handful of heroes conducted an operation on Merx to free the cookies manufacturing plant from the grip of the toasters. We will remember those who didn't return. But the operation is successful. And the inhabitants of this planet will no longer starve. We, the people, are retaking control of what is ours by right. To all, free yourself, fight the machines, join the resistance! "

Statement by the developper:
“So, I was working on the mob A.I. while nibbling a cookie, and that's how they ended up fighting each other. That's science!”

There is now a marketing expert in the team

2016-02-12 General
I am proud to introduce Matthias Boudier, alias Boo. He joined us as the marketing expert of the team. I was holding this position until now, although it's not among my skills.

Reymantha, Altalus, Boo, BlockBuster and Mick

You can find more information about "Boo" here:

We met 2 months ago by mere coincidence at a networking event planned by PRIMI (a local company cluster) at Cannes. We share a passion: video games!

Looking at his resume, I think we are lucky to work with him. And I trust this will be a good omen for the future of Stellar Overload!

Steam will be our distribution plateform

2016-02-09 General
Today, I am pleased to announce that the game will be distributed on Steam (using the early access program to begin with).


What does this actually mean?
We will migrate all of our services on Steam. There will no longer be a shop on our website for early access. Every player who pre-ordered the game (on Kickstarter or on our website) will get a free Steam key (or several, if they ordered multiple copies of the game).

Why did we make this choice?
For several reasons:
- The large number of players on Steam
- Their confidence in this platform
- Offload onto Steam tedious tasks like user management and billing
- Boost the download speed
- Achieve better security
So that our team can focus on the game development, which is what matters, isn'it?

Why won't we also keep the shop on the Stellar Overload website?
As mentioned above, one of the main reasons to use Steam is to migrate some services to get a better quality. Keeping the store would'nt be compatible with that.

What about the forum?
For now, our forum remains active until the early acces release. But eventually, we'll also migrate it, in order to collect all the content in a single point: Steam. This will be easier for us to handle.
About the gallery : We didn't make any decision yet.

So what about the schedule?
This Steam release has obviously changed our schedule. Some other reasons also made us fall behind the planning.
What this means concretely:
- We hope we'll deliver the early access on Steam before this summer
- The final version will be released on Steam when the quality of the game will meet our ambitions and your expectations according to your feedbacks during Early Access

We are now thinking about releasing an "alpha 3" (not yet on Steam) in 2 or 3 months. But we're not sure about it, we'd rather not delaying the Steam version again. We'll keep you informed about this eventual release in March.
Wonder B

Dynamic and evolutive music

2016-02-03 Artistic
" !" David Bowie

Big changes are coming on the musical side of the game. First of all, we're now officially using Wwise, from Audiokinetic. It's a powerful tool that'll give us the ability to push the music integration to another level.

Let me show you in this video how we can create dynamic and evolutive musics on our planets:

The first half of this video
concentrates on the differences between normal musics and underwater musics. When the player goes underwater, the instruments and rhythms change. Even some melodies change a bit ! But the two tracks share the same structure, so all the transitions are smooth.

It's the same system in the second half of the video with the day-night cycle. With these long musics (8 to 10 minutes each) and all these dynamic changes, the musics will never feel the same during our planetary explorations.

Next step : make the same thing for the day-night ambience.

The Cube (Watts' logbook - Entry 273)

2016-01-28 General

“I’m back on Aetherion and currently developping a game-changing weapon in my secret lab. If everything goes well, this new [...]" Click for more...
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