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Stellar Overload:
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Construction contest Escape Room extension

2017-07-31 General
We've received a few participations for the Escape Room Construction Contest, a lot of you are on vacation. So, we've decided to extend it!

You now have until August 30th to submit your creation.
See you on September 6th for the results!


Favorite of the week #16!

2017-07-28 Artistic, General

Where a developer of video games would have laid a mathematical function to generate a sphere automatically (CodingMarmot likes this), Onidosor has built one with his own hands (a quarter only!)

This small jewelry of construction of 126 blocks of diameter is nevertheless a very simple but also a very pure example of the poetry in Stellar.
In an aesthetic universe where master lines and right angles reign, to make a sphere is to attempt the impossible marriage between rectitude and suppleness, synthetic and organic, man and nature, the past and the future.

It is a very successful marriage, a very inspiring one.

Thanks to Onidosor.
Here is where you can get the artwork.

Favorite of the week #15!

2017-07-18 General
This is the second favorite for me, and I chose a thing really close to my heart: Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Castle, made by the Voxelmancer team!

They did an amazing job! Disneyland Paris' castle is really like my home, and they were pretty good at getting all the proportions and colors!


You can find it here, you really should go and explore!

Version (Fix EA4), corrective update

2017-07-13 General
A new version (EA4 fix 2) is now available.

We have fixed two additional major issues:

  • Fixed a bug where wireless receivers and transmitters could slow down the game.
  • Fixed a bug where we couldn’t change the resolution in fullscreen.

Have fun!

Construction Contest Returns: Escape Room!

2017-07-11 General
Following the EA4 update, the construction contest returns: escape room!

Beware, the rules evolved a little, you can check it out here.

Between two doors, build at least one electrical riddle and be creative for your room to be the hardest possible to escape! You'll have to use the empty room we've made for you. You'll find this room in the rules document.

For this challenge, you can team up from 1 to 3 players.

You'll find the rules and some advice here:

Note: If you test your universe and you’ve already resolved your enigmas, do not share this universe because otherwise it will be shared already finished. Only share a custom universe that has not been played at all.


Another note:
- The contest is directly linked to the Steam Workshop.
- You can only be on the podium once.

Chose the best images of your creations, you can put up to 5 of them. The first uploaded will illustrate your participation.
Votes are limited to 3 per person.

The winning team, as well as the devs' favorite, will win a prize: they'll be in-game!

Also at your disposal, an example room, made by our summer student intern: Amandine. You can find it here.

See you on August 2nd for the voting phase, and on August 9th for the results!

Version (Fix EA4), corrective update : crashs & other bugs

2017-07-05 General
We fixed a few bugs found those last few days since the Early Access Update 4 is out!

We fixed a bug which bothered a few of you. This bug made the word all in black while playing in low or medium quality and targeting an NPC or when a ghost was displayed.

We also fixed the Linux problem where the mouse was stuck in the middle of the screen and/or was invisible.

We also fixed most of the crashes.

Story saves from the EA3 are not compatible anymore. Only saves in creative or custom mode are working.

Find all the detail in the release note here.

Favorite of the week #14!

2017-07-04 General
When we implemented the basics of the logical system in Stellar Overload, we decided to limit cables so they only contain 256 different values.

When we chose to impose those kinds of restrictions, apart from performances questions, we actually hid evil intentions! Indeed, it is a way for us to make players imagine and build ingenious processes in order to bypass those devious restrictions.

Regarding this limitation of 256 values in a logical cable, I have to admit that Jah's 16 multiplexer-demultiplexer was so well thought! It allows to put not only 256 values on a cable but 16*256, that is to say 4096 values!


And the construction is simple, elegant and modest. So a big bravo to Jah who figured out really quickly how to use the new possibilities of the EA4!

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