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Color grading!

2016-05-05 Artistic
"The lower the sun, ther pinker the light." here is a sentence that nobody ever said ... but it sums up this news.


The graphics of the game have reached a new level. After the clusters (see here), setting the color grading over time allows us to better appreciate the different atmospheric shades of the various moments of the day.

This is what you can see in this 30 seconds video, showing the day/night cycle on Merx.

And if the sun rises tomorrow morning - which I'm pretty sure - and we're outside at sunrise - which I'm much less sure - we could enjoy the color grading in real life! Go on, I dare you!

Game design and story : who is in charge?

2016-05-02 General
Many wanted to know more about our different roles at Cubical Drift. It's true that the team page does not reveal everything. One of our member took charge of two important elements: that's Mick.
Indeed, since a little over a year, he takes care of Stellar Overload’s game design and story (and he keeps coding when he has some time left to do so!).
You need to know that Mick has a professional expertise on script-writing and game design. Skills he enforced at Spellbound a few years ago.
And he does that very well, so I entrusted him to work on this two parts some months after his arrival at our studio.

Mick with the dungeon editor on his left screen, Articy on the right one

Developing the story by going into further details on each character, each place, each quest and so on ... , writing new gameplay elements, developing others, and going deep in each game's feature is his everyday life at Cubical Drift since more than a year.

Of course, every team member can get involved in the process by sharing ideas and/or critics. It's a collaborative work. But Mick is the one who writes the game design and the story of our game today.
And, as the team leader but more importantly as the project consistency guarantor, it is my responsibility to permanently validate all this work, as I permanently validate the artistic direction of our project too.

Woah !! My very first post.

2016-04-27 Artistic
Carrots, mandrakes, rocks, valerian... slowly but surely I am integrating my first elements in Stellar Overload.
Guided by the clear vision of Reymantha, I am discovering with enthusiasm all the possibilities and creative constraints.
Step by step, I am getting my bearings and I let myself be surprised by the clusters and the life they inspire.
Day after day, viewing and contributing to the evolution of this project is a delight.


Glory to clusters!

2016-04-20 Artistic
"Cluster" is the word we use to describe a set of elements that we wish to place in the same area.

In nature everything is clusterized, the trees, the humans, the suns are clusterized. Well ... normal people call it a forest, a city and a galaxy...

Short! artists now have an ultimate weapon to flourish planets.
And Merx is the first on the list!


I dreamed about it, Cubical did it.

2016-04-13 Development

New Block Times – March 23, 2016

"I heard you", he said a few days ago, when he read the comments of the news about alignment to a grid on the French forum. His neighbors confessed not having seen him since. However, anonymous witnesses state that he hid in his garage to, according to these sources, "develop at once a feature essential for the project’s survival". Here, at the editorial board, we were skeptical and asked our special correspondent to investigate.

After long journalistic tirades, he explained to us that the famous feature enables the player "to choose the alignment offset of the grid with the Shift-V key". Curious, we have been able to do an exclusive interview of the creator, which has resurfaced since this long weekend. He explained to us:
"We couldn’t release the product like this. Since the announcement of the feature (Ed: see our article here), users had bad preconceived ideas of the usability of the grid alignment on different contexts. […] So we thought it was important to compensate this limitation by enhancing the feature".

We asked our popularization specialist, Mr. Dushnock, to translate in more understandable terms the meaning of all this: "Basically, what he is trying to say is that by default it was aligned on a fix grid, that the user was unable to change. For example, if you try to place furniture in a house, it doesn’t align correctly with the floor (if you are unlucky). However you may want to use this alignment tool to place it. So what the pretentious tech guy is doing a poor job explaining is that he added a shift-V shortcut that enables the user to define the current position as reference position for the grid. That’s what you see on the video you showed me. It won’t save the world, but at least it will make the V key useful.".

We have had the opportunity to shoot this exclusive video (that Mr. Dushnock is talking about), where you can see the placement of meta-blocks on customizable alignment grids thanks to the shift-V key:


The cloning tank

2016-04-07 Artistic

Splat splat splat !

2016-04-04 Development
If like me you love pink, and think that the game is not pink enough, the new “paint bucket” feature is made for you.
It’s still in development, but it will enable you to replace an area of block of the same material with another material.

Look how to make the world more attractive!

Ok or maybe not... It’s the thought that counts!

Of course this tool has a limited area of effect (you can’t paint the whole planet in one shot!), it is yet to be optimized, and will be a real tool (for now it is a simple keyboard shortcut).
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